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In 2020, Black people brought a renewed national focus on racial justice.

With COVID-19 disproportionately impacting Black communities—and a national reckoning with the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor—organizers and activists have captured the nation’s attention and mobilized its conscience. This focused attention on Black disparities has inspired others to get involved in the struggle to build a more equitable world. 

How can you support progress towards racial justice? We hope that #BlackEquityFriday can be one of those answers.

#BlackEquityFriday is a social media campaign aimed at increasing grassroots awareness and support for Black Led Organizations. 

Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving and brings enormous attention to large retailers. This year, we wish to use the opportunity to show our love to Black Led Organizations! And we would like EVERY remaining Friday in 2020 to be #BlackEquityFriday, starting after Thanksgiving and going through Kwanzaa. 

We hope with this awareness on Black equity, we can increase charitable contributions to your organization.

This project was incubated by the Inland Empire Black Equity Fund and the Center for Social Innovation. We will be adding a list of philanthropic cosponors soon!